Corporate Training

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When a Team's Skills and Thinking are Changed at the Same Time, Amazing Results Happen

Corporate training from Profitability Thinking improves the ability of managers to make profitable business decisions.  The ideas of Profitability Thinking have proven themselves with managers and key staff menbers in multiple business orgainizations and business settings.
Most financial education for non-financial managers looks and sounds like finance, and doesn't create easily usable skills that can be implemented immediatly to good effect.  Profitability Thinking changes that because it's much more than financial education.  It's business education that uses key metrics as the basis for decision making.
In Profitability Thinking training sessions, managers will quickly and easily learn what they need to know to make profitable business decisions.  The training doesn't contain a lot of fluff, so managers will efficiently master the skills they need and return to their busy work lives.
The interactive presentations are a half day or a full day in length.
  • A half day session is four hours in length.  Materials will be included.

  • A full day session is split into two four hour sessions.  Materials will be included.

For more information on how Profitability Thinking can help your management team become more effective business people, please call 949-667-6111 or e-mail to

Corporate Sales and Management Training from Profitability Thinking LLC is located in Orange County, California.  Corporate Training Services are available in all of Southern California.