Monthly Business Coaching

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Monthly Coaching by the Month to Create Profitable Changes in Your Business and Keep You on Track

You don't need to navigate the challenges of running your business alone.  Neither should you endure the lost opportunity and profit of a business that isn't running right.  Profitability Thinking Business Coaching can:

  • Provide the skills and insights you need to create a profitable, growing and sustainable business.
  • Offer and sounding board for ideas, so you're not guessing whether you're making the right decisions.
  • Be an accountability partner so that the changes you decide to make actually happen.
  • You will receive 3 one hour in person consulting sessions per month if you're local, otherwise via teleconference.  Added to that will be unlimited short e-mails to keep you on track and a meeting summary after every meeting.
  • The investment in monthly business coaching is $825 per month with a 6 month minimum commitment.