Launch With Confidence

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Launch Your Business With Confidence Consulting and Coaching Program to Create a Business Plan and Lay Down a Profitable Foundation

Designed for start-up businesses, businesses in their first six months and people who are buying a small business

The Benefit to You

  • Clarification of the vision and goals for the business so that you are working on the correct activiies that support your vision and goals
  • Creating a well thought out business plan that will be your initial roadmap for your business
  • Knowing Your target market and have a plan to effectively reach it, and avoiding unprofitable markets and marketing activities
  • Understanding your cash flow and having a cash projection to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Having the right support people and services in place so you aren't alone in your business

What You WIll Experience

  • A no cost initial consultation to identify issues, opportunities and fit
  • 10 one hour in person consulting meetings if local, or via teleconference
  • Unlimited short e-mails to answer questions as you develop and begin to execute your plan
  • A meeting summary e-mailed to you after each meeting
  • The investment in having the confidence and the tools to launch your business is 5 payments of $625 or a one time payment of $2,995
  • The sessions are typically bi-weekly, but can be arranged to best suit your needs

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