Intelligent Executive Coaching

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Intelligent Executive Coaching

Designed to give high quality professional advice and feedback to executives and business owners looking to upgrade their management skills and practices, improve interaction with and leadership of their organization, become more effective at managing their day, and create marketing, sales and operations strategies that will get the business to the next level.  This program is designed to be experienced over a one year time period.


  • Two 60 minute meetings to uncover and discover issues, identify opportunities and create a vision of what an ideal outcome might look like.
  • Interview with key staff members.
  • Interview with suppliers and customers/clients.
  • Fill out an assessment tool on the health of the business.
  • Spend 4 - 8 hours with the executive or business owner during a "typical" day.
  • Two 60 minute meetings to evaluate what has been learned in the assessment activities, identify personal areas for improvement and set measurable goals for the work ahead.

The Work Phase 1

  • Set organizational measurable goals for improvement.
  • Work on identified personal goals.
  • Work on identified organizational goals.
  • Three 60 minute meetins per month for four months.

Assessment and Redirection

  • Assess progress to date and evaluate goals in light of four months of insight.  Make revisions to goals as necessary.
  • Two 60 minute meetings to review progress and learning.

The Work Phase 2

  • Continue working on identified personal and organizational goals, measuring ongoing progress.
  • Three 60 minute meetings per month for four months

Evaluation and Measurement of Results

  • Two 60 minute meetings to evaluate progress.
  • Interview key staff members.
  • Interview suppliers and customers/clients.
  • Fill out assessment tool on the health of the business.
  • Two final 60 minute meetings to debrief and anchor learnings that havew been acquired over the previous year.
The investment to create this level of improved leadership, business practices, personal effectiveness and insight is 8 payments of $1,447 or one payment of $10,997.  What would the improvement be worth?

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