Growth and Skills Accelerator

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Growth and Skills Consulting and Coaching Program Designed to Grow Your Business Faster and More Profitably

Designed for established businesses who are looking to create profitable growth by improving their marketing and sales, as well as improve their business skills and processes to enhance profitability.

The Benefit to You

  • Review of your current strategy and business plan, and modification as necessary.  You will have the right plan.
  • Review of your target market as well as your products/services to ensure they are appropriate.  You will identify the correct market, and the right products and services.
  • Review of marketing and sales processes.  You will identify marketing that is working, marketing that isn't and effective sales processes to convert prospects.
  • Review of current business and management skills.  You will know what you need to know to manage your business effectively.
  • Review of business processes for effectiveness and sufficiency.  You will identify what resources are available to you and those which are appropriate so that you can manage your business effectively.

What you will experience

  • A no cost initial consultation to identify issues, opportunities and fit
  • 16 one hour in person consulting meetings if local, or via teleconference
  • Unlimited short e-mails to answer questions as you make your plans, create changes and execute your plans
  • An e-mail meeting summary after each meeting
  • The investment in accelerating your business growth, enhancing your profitability and developing needed business skills is 8 payments of $575 or a one time payment of $4,395
  • The meetings are typically bi-weekly, but can be arranged to best suit your needs

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