Business Problem Solver

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Established Business Problem Solver Consulting and Coaching Program Designed to Deal With Profitability Issues and Growing Pains

Designed for established businesses that are having trouble getting or staying profitable, or are experiencing growing pains that are causing profitability issues and organizational stress

The Benefit to You

  • Correctly identify the issues affecting your business.   No more guessing.  No more mistakes.
  • Create a plan to solve identified issues and build an effective business.  You will have a clear and easily understood path forward.
  • Ensure that financials and internal metrics are in place, and are accurate.  You will know what information you need to profitably run your business.
  • You will learn to delegate, create role clarity with staff and keep staff accountable.
  • You will identify the correct level of resources that are really necessary to operate your business.
  • You will identify support people and services that will help you manage your business successfully.
  • You will know the correct business skills necessary to operate your business profitably and effectively.
  • You will know how evaluate your target market for profitability, and which products/services and customers are most profitable.
  • You will understand what marketing is working and what isn't, and have a sales process to convert customers.

What You Will Experience

  • A no cost initial consultation to identify issues, opportunities and fit
  • 24 one hour in person consulting meetings if local, or via teleconference
  • Unlimited short e-mails to answer questions as you make plans, make changes and execute your plan
  • A meeting summary e-mails after each meeting
  • The investment to get profitable, create an effective organization and develop effective skills managing your business is 8 monthly payments of $850 or a one time payment of $6,595.  You can also pay 10 payments of $695.
  • The meetings are typically bi-weekly, but can be arranged to best suit your needs

Call or e-mail today to see how Profitability Thinking can help you build profitability, enhance organizational effectiveness and accountability, and develop the management skills to take your business to the next level!

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