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Profitability Thinking Business Advisors

Business Consulting and Coaching that Creates Profitable Changes in Businesses Operating in Orange County and Southern California

  • Generate the Profitability and Cash Flow Necessary for Business Growth and Success
  • Create Systems and Processes to Manage or Grow Your Business with Confidence
  • Identify the Correct Target Market and Right Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Faster
  • Increase Your Business Profits by Consistently Making Good Decision from the Right Information
  • Free More Time to Focus on What's Important
  • Much More Affordable than You May Think
In each stage of your business, there are problems that can cost you a lot of money and stress. Every day that problems remain unsolved, the costs keep going up.  We help you correct problems in your business, and in the process increase your business's profitability.  We offer programs and services for each stage of your business to make your business more profitable and your life less stressful.

  Business Consulting and Coaching from Profitability Thinking Business Advisors is an exceptional investment that creates profitable changes in your business. 

Continuing to operate your business with unsolved problems is costing you way too much!  

Below are Consulting Programs and Services to Create Profitability and Growth at Each Stage of Your Business


Launch Your Business with Confidence Consulting and Coaching Program

Create a Business Plan and Lay Down a Profitable Foundation

Designed for start-up businesses, businesses in their first six months and people who are buying small businesses.  Learn More


Growth and Skills Consulting and Coaching Program

Faster Growth Done Right to Create More Profitably

Designed for small businesses who are looking to create profitable growth by improving their marketing and sales, operations and finances, as well as by improving their business skills to enhance profitability.  Learn More


Problem Solver Consulting and Coaching Program for Established Businesses

Designed to Deal with Operational, Profitability and Cash Flow Issues Created by

  • Uncontrolled growth
  • Inefficient or ineffective processes
  • Not having the information necessary to manage the business
  • Owner stretched so thin that there is no time to build the business or manage it effectively
  • Not having the right team or not having enough team
  • The list goes on...

Designed for established businesses that are having trouble with profitablity and cash flow, aren't growing, or are experiencing growing pains that are causing profitability issues and stress.  Learn More


Monthly Business Coaching

Creating Profitable Change a Month at a Time

Designed for business owners looking to create consistent profitable change, ongoing business performance improvement, management skill enhancement and accountabilitly for the execution of commitments made.  Learn More


Retainers, and Hourly Consulting and Coaching Services

Designed for Solving Single Issues or Keeping You on Track

Designed for business owners who are looking for high quality advice guidance and feedback about a single issue, or are looking to stay on track after completing one of the above programs.  Learn More


Intelligent Executive Coaching

Designed to Increase Your Effectiveness and Enhance Your Career Development

Designed to give high quality advise and feedback to to executives and business owners looking to upgrade their management skills and practices, improve interaction with and leadership of their organization, become more effective at managing their day, and create marketing, sales and operational strategies that get their business to the next level.  Learn More


With each of the above options, our only goal is your business success.

For more information, please call Profitability Thinking at 949-667-6111 or e-mail to  We will be happy to walk you through how our working together can help you build your business faster, make more money and create more time to focus on what's important.


Business Coaching and Mentoring Focusing on Small Business Performance in Orange County, CA.  Profitability Thinking LLC Serves All OC Cities Including Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo.