Is Your Team Aligned?

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Is Your Team Aligned With Your Business's Goals?


Does your team know your business's goals, vision and values?  Are you sure?  Why do you think so?  Do your team's (all levels and positions) incentives align with your business goals?

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that many employees at all levels of organizations are disconnected from their employer's goals.  They may have been told when they were hired (or not), but have experienced nothing to reinforce the concept once they started working.  They may have seen or heard the goals recently, but they were irrelevant to the employee's day to day life.  They may believe in the goals, but are getting such conflicting signals from their work environment that they are frustrated and give up supporting the business's goals.

Have you experienced this in your work life?  Does this situation have relevance in your business today?  Here are some thought starters as to how to make sure your employees are engaged in the success of your business.

  • Make sure the goals, vision and values of your company are displayed in places where your team can see them.
  • Review the progress the business has made toward its goals regularly (once a quarter at a minimum).  Make this an uplifting experience.  You are SELLING the importance of these goals to your team.
  • Create alignment between your business's goals, vision and values and the management decisions you make.  Nothing will disengage a team faster than management decisions that conflict with management's stated goals, vision and values.
  • Creatively engage your team in achieving your business's goals.  Buy lunch if there is a significant win.  Relax the dress code for a month if your business met its goals the prior month.  Make it fun.
  • Economically align your team with your business.  Create a bonus system for reaching customer service targets.  Make commissions better for high margin items or up-selling to a better product or service.

These are few things that might be appropriate for your business.  Take some time and think of some ways you can align your team with your goals.  Make your team partners in your success.

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