High Margin Related Sales

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Are you leaving money and profit on the table?
My wife and I were at the Verizon store just after Christmas.  We were there to buy Motorola's Droid razr phones for each of us.  After we finished doing all the technical things that needed to be done to make the phones operational, my wife decided she wanted the flex-gel protective cover for her phone and some thin film anti-glare screen protectors similar to the ones that the manufacturer put on the phone before shipment and which we immediately removed.
The prices on these products were astonishing, or at least I would have been astonished if I didn't know better.  The gel phone cover was $25 and 3 thin sheets of plastic to protect the ultra-tough gorilla glass screen on the phone were $20 - That $6.66 per 2.75" x 4.5" piece of thin clear plastic.  Can you say high margin?
Which gets me to my point for this article.  These were related high margin, high profit related sales made at point of purchase.  My wife wanted to protect her expensive new phone, so it seemed reasonable to buy the accessories.  And selling high margin, high profit related products and services  happens all the time in many different businesses. 
When was the last time you were at a restaurant?  Were they suggesting margarita's or appetizers before dinner, or wine with dinner, or dessert after dinner.  All of these items had higher margins than the steak you ordered.  How about the last time you were in an electronics store to buy something with a price greater than $100?  Did they offer you an extended warranty?  Another high margin, high profit related sale.  At my local electronics store, they make you sign that you are declining the extended warranty to make sure the sales person offered it.  Or were related accessories of some kind offered to you when you purchased your last pair of shoes?  More margin building and profit building in action.
So what about your business?  Are you offering high margin, high profit related goods or services to your customers at point of sale or some other appropriate time?  What could you offer that you're not currently offering in the way of accessories, warranties, related premium services or other additional high margin, high profit sales? 
Getting customers to buy high margin related sales at point of purchase is a great deal easier and more profitable than trying to find a new customer to which to sell your standard product or service.  That really is Profitability Thinking.
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