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I hired John to help me with strategic planning for my retail store. His insights uncovered areas which I had missed or subconsciously neglected. He helped me get back on track with a path for continuous improvement.
He was conscientious, creative and alternately gentle and NO BS as was called for. I was able to hear what he was saying and take action accordingly.
I WILL definitely hire him again.

Paul G - Retail & Service Provider

John is an absolute world of knowledge on all things business. He has identified and guided me away from potential pitfalls that would have cost me time and money. He provides honest feedback, while allowing me to work on my own terms. I would highly recommend John to anyone who could benefit from sound advice for running their business, as well an accountability partner in aspects related to business. In addition to being a business expert, John continually displays a great deal of integrity and goes above and beyond in his service to his clients.

Michelle S - Life Coach

John is an amazingly astute business coach. He has a knack for finding opportunities for growth that I hadn't seen on my own.
Thanks to my work with John as a business coach, I work more efficiently and am making a larger profit. In fact, I just now finished doing my September billing, and I'm grateful to report my highest revenue month to date.
Thanks, John, for your kindness, wisdom and street smarts.

Annette F - Bookkeeper

Over the last four years I have worked with John and found him to be an exceptional mentor, coach, and confidant. His skills developing people transcended our market as he was a sought after resource from across the nation with managers and senior executives interested in his perspective, guidance and expertise. John has a unique talent to decipher complex financial matters and to explain them in ways a layman can easily understand. More importantly, thanks to John’s friendly & open communication style and his willingness to share both of his time and talent, I was able to improve not only my division’s financial results, but that of my own personal wealth as well.

Paul W - Regional Mortgage Manager