About John Bulman

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About John Bulman, MBA

John Bulman is a creative business coach and trainer who combines financial acumen with a background in finance, sales, supply chain management and operations planning to create business performance solutions using key metrics to define process improvements.  He does this by breaking down issues into discreet components, identifying issues with them, and creating and teaching effective, simple and easy to implement solutions to improve business performance.  He has a unique talent for deciphering complex financial and operational matters, and  explaining them in a way a layman can easily understand.

Having a diverse career path has led John to create business solutions in the financial service, manufacturing and distribution businesses.  He has held management level positions and been a key staff member in each of these areas, and has strategically coached, mentored and led business units to improved profitability and performance.   These improvements included changes in basic decision making that improved financial performance, changes sales culture and processes that led to improved revenues, volume and profitability, as well as improvements in manufacturing and distribution processes that led to lower costs, reduced lead times, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer service and customer retention.

Because of his performance, unique skill set and ability to develop people that transcends markets, John is a sought after resource with managers and senior executives from across the nation interested in his perspectives, guidance and expertise.  He believes that if you can change a team's skills and thinking at the same time, amazing results can happen.  Everything John has done in each of his roles has been designed to accomplish that.

Having created and led seminars about understanding business and financial models, break even analysis, creating return-on-investment, sales process improvement, sales management, creating business processes that work, collapsing supply chains to improve performance, and leadership, John understands the challenges in today's business environment and how to overcome them.  His passion is working one-on-one with business owners and managers to improve performance in their businesses.

John holds a MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology - Stuart School in Chicago as well as a BA from National-Louis University.  He is married and lives in Mission Viejo, California.