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Are You Overwhelmed by Your Business Growth?  Not Sure What to Do?  Is your Business Less Fun than it Used to Be?

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

When your business grows, how the business operates has to change.  If not:

  • Your business experiences cash shortages and cash flow problems
  • You don't fully understand financial performance and the business lacks understandable metrics
  • You are spread too thin to be effective and become a bottleneck
  • Costs increase and become too high
  • Management and employees lack accountability, hurting productivty and performance
  • Processes break down or are non-existent
  • Quality problems are damaging client experience and your reputation
  • You are spending money on ineffective marketing with lack of measurable results

These probems can leave you feeling overwhelmed and cost you money every day they go unresolved.  Often a lot of money!  Business Consulting and Coaching from Profitability Thinking Business Advisors will identify the root causes of these problems, create plans to solve them and coach you through the changes necessary to fix the problems in a sustainable way.  We will also teach you the business skills you need to effectively build and run your business.  Call today to see how our expertise can help improve your business's performance, making your life a whole lot better.  We will MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BETTER, BECAUSE STAYING THE SAME IS COSTING YOU WAY TOO MUCH!

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Welcome to Profitability Thinking. This website provides you with abundant resources to help you manage your business such as Business  Consulting & Coaching Services, Management and Sales Training Services, Business Articles and Videos, Excel Based Tools to help you with your business, the book Profitability Thinking, the Profitability Thinking Blog, and the Answers to some questions posed in the book Profitability Thinking

Transform Your Business Results With Management Consulting, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching

We work with business owners just like you, who are unhappy with their business results and don't know what to do about it.  We create profitable changes in your business and teach you what you need to do to succeed in the future. The results are more profits and faster growth, created in a way that increases available time and makes your life better.  Click to our Business Consulting page to learn more about how Surprisingly Affordable Consulting Services from Profitability Thinking Business Advisers can help you with your business success.

Management and Sales Training

Our Management Training and Sales Training is effective and efficient. We can train your managers how to be more profitable and better decision makers.  We can also train your sales team how to create a sales plan and use consultative selling to increase their sales volume, customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat customers. Click to our Management Training page to learn how our Cost Effective Management Training can help your business.

The Book Profitability Thinking

The book, Profitability Thinking, is like a business consultant in a book. The book presents simple concepts and strategies that are easy to understand and can be implemented quickly to:

  • Manage Cash Flow More Effectively and Predictably
  • Increase Profits
  • Increase the Return on Time and Money Invested in the Business
  • Have More Time to Focus on What's Important
  • Have an Immediate Positive Impact on Your Business

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Business Coaching Focusing on Small Business and Corporate Training in Orange County, CA serving all of Southern California. Towns where Business Coaching is available include Irvine, Tustin, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo and Mission Viejo.